miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Para el invernadero/For the greenhouse

En estos dias he estado haciendo algunas cositas para el invernadero...
In these days I have been making some little things for the greenhouse...

Una silla hecha con alambre
A chair made with iron wire

Algunos cachivaches...
Some stuff...

...y casi he terminado una estanteria metalica que pondré en él.
...and I almost finished a pot holder  that I will put in it.

¡¡Hasta pronto!!
See you soon!!

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  1. Fantastico!!, la silla y "esos cachibaches" son geniales y la estanteria promete.

  2. ..Those are beauties, I love your wire work!

  3. Oh you guys are amazing making things out of wire, I see a few things now that other folks are making!
    What gauge is that wire!
    you solder it don't you?
    A really nice chair!
    Clever Paloma!!!!

  4. ** Yes, Deni, the wire is solded and I use wire gauge nº 8. For some details tinier I use wire nº 6.

  5. Paloma simplemente felicitarte y darte la enhorabuena por tus trabajos!! Tengo la suerte de tener cosas tuyas y son fuera de serie!!
    Un beso,

  6. It’s really gorgeous and beautiful!!!
    *Jaw droopingly*

  7. Beautiful! Do you use a special solder iron? I'm trying soldering too and it's fun! (when it works ;) )

    groetjes Evelien

  8. O another question: what do you use for bending the wire? Do you make molds (wood) of the shape you want? Making the wire straight and bending it in the right shape is difficult!

    groetjes Evelien

  9. **Evelien, I sold with a normal solder for electronics pieces. I don't make molds, but I use it. First I draw the scale model on a sheet of paper and then I look for objects which serve me as a mold... for instance a cap, a glue bottle... I make the little volutes following the pictures that I drew on the paper.

  10. Oh thank you for those tips Paloma I would like to try that one day real soon, looks very interesting and I like the idea of making special things one cannot buy

  11. Pero bueno Paloma! qué preciosidad de silla y cachibaches, nada se te resiste... y la estantería lleva una pinta buenísima ... si algo no te cabe en el farolito, yo le puedo hacer un hueco jeje. Besos guapa y sigue haciéndonos disfrutar con tus trabajos.

  12. Hi Paloma,

    I like the chair and pot-holder you've made!
    It's so much fun to soldering things.
    I have one question; what have you used for the seat of the chair???
    I want that stuff too,it looks great!


  13. Hi, Marleen
    Lately I enjoy very much soldering little things :))
    For the seat of the chair I use
    chicken wire that I cut whith the shape I need (rond, elongated, and so on)
    Best regards

  14. Eres genial Paloma.
    Una artistaza, así sin más y con un alambre nos haces una silla.Me ha encantado.
    Besitos reina.

  15. Hello Paloma, I love your chair and the pot holder. I have recently started soldering too and I really like the wire you use, also the mesh. I don't think I've seen that fine mesh anywhere (I am in Australia). I must look again.
    It looks so neat, well done!


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